Spray-On Bedliner Boss Machine

We Know Equipment at The Spray-On Bedliner Depot

Our Houston, TX-based spray-on bedliners business, The Spray-On Bedliner Depot, works hand-in-hand with SprayFoam Equipment (SFE). In fact, we’re their only mass distributor. We have been working with SFE to design the BOSS equipment for 5 years.

Our machines are made simple so anyone can work on them! They were designed so that you can run to your local Graingers to pick up valves, hoses, breakers, and other things. These machines are normally priced at a 20-30% discount from other machine companies, such as Graco.

Here are a few things you know about our machines:

  • They come with 6-inch air motors.
  • They come with 8,000 or 12,000 KW dual heaters.
  • Hydraulic systems are available for high-end OEM users.

Benefits of the BOSS Gun

The BOSS gun is roughly 60% less expensive than other guns in the bedliner industry, and it has a simpler design with fewer parts. No adjustments are required for this gun. When you purchase a BOSS gun, we’ll set it up for you so all you have to maintain are a few parts, which are a lot cheaper than the ones from other part manufacturers.

If you would like to learn more about our spray-on bedliner guns and machinery, make sure to call our office at (281) 302-9573! We serve customers throughout the U.S.