Graco EXP2 HP Spray on Bedliner System

Being in the spray-on bedliner business means a lot more than just being able to provide basic truck bed protection. People will always look for the best product around, and this is an industry that consistently innovates new ideas and formulas used for spray-on bedliners. If someone was looking to get into this business, they’d need to provide high quality products that go beyond their customers’ expectations.

Luckily, the Spray-On Bedliner Depot is the perfect place for both new and experienced spray-on bedliner to keep their supplies stocked. What’s more, we’re dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of spray-on bedliner innovations. One such innovation is the Graco EXP2 HP bedliner system. A mouthful, to be sure, but the name reflects the amount of quality a system like this can provide for your business.

This article will explain just what the Graco EXP2 HP system is, how it’s different from other systems, and why you should invest in this system.

What Are Spray-On Bedliners?

When it comes to protecting truck beds from the elements, wear and tear, and any other damage that could happen, people usually come down to one of two options. The first is drop-in truck bed liners, which can be durable but are heavy, as well as many being low quality and prone to needing to be constantly replaced.

The second option is spray-on bedliners. These are chemicals that are sprayed onto a truck bed that protect it from weather damage, UV ray damage, can fit any truck bed, and doesn’t run the risk of trapping water underneath it when it rains, unlike drop-in bedliners. More and more people are opting in for spray-on bedliners, and it’s becoming a worthwhile investment to provide these services for truck owners.

Graco EXP2 HP Proportioner

What is the Graco EXP2 HP Bedliner System?

Providing the best in spray-on bedliners means knowing what the best actually is. In terms of the actual system used for applying this bedliner, it’s tough to beat the Graco EXP2 HP bedliner system. The Graco EXP2 is a revolutionary system meant to take the process of spraying on bedliners to the next level. 

The Graco EXP2 combines the concept of spray-on bedliners with more modern innovations that make the process even simpler. The system features the ability to save and store data onto flash drives for easy access, as well as the ability to store up to 24 different chemical combinations on the machine itself. 

This allows for a multitude of different spray-on solutions to be used with a single machine. The system also allows you to transmit job activity in real time to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, letting you keep up to date on progress from basically anywhere.

Spray-on bedliners are meant to be a simple to execute alternative, and the Graco EXP2 takes that to heart. The electronics on the system are specifically placed to be easily accessible for replacement and cleaning purposes. The system also includes drum level indicators so you’re never left guessing how much fluid you have left.

How Does the Graco EXP2 Function?

The Graco EXP2 is more than just a few fancy additions and quality of life improvements. The system has several features that go along with its ease of use. The Graco EXP2 features a proportioner with a 1:1 ratio, meaning it pumps equal pressure and volume to both its A and B sides. 

It also features high efficiency pre-heaters that have 7,500 watts on both sides. This means that the system has a total of 15,000 watts for its pre-heaters. Additionally, the pressure cylinders have a very simple to use and understand high volume/high flow design.

With advanced control technology and modules, the Graco EXP2 allows for far more intuitive control over how the spray-on process goes. With the ability to track, monitor, and store project data, along with the data saving features mentioned earlier, getting started with projects is easier than ever. 

Along with these features, this system also includes Graco remote reporting technology, which, combined with easy troubleshooting solutions thanks to QR code shortcuts, makes reporting issues or problems a breeze.

Smooth, hydraulic-like spray performance isn’t the only reason the Graco EXP2 is a high tier spray system. It is also designed to cover the worst electrical failures as best it can. Features like the sacrificial surge protector protect your electronics from catastrophic power spikes. 

All of this comes together to ensure that even if something happens that forces you to shut down operations, the downtime will be significantly reduced compared to other spray-on systems. This isn’t even mentioning the three-year warranty that the Spray-On Bedliner Depot includes just to make sure you can feel secure in your purchase.

Give This System, and the Spray-On Bedliner Depot, A Chance

Getting into the spray-on bedliner business can be a lucrative and successful one, if you approach it correctly. If you want to get off on the best foot, investing in the Graco EXP2 HP spray-on bedliner system is the best move for you.

Contact us today with any questions, or to schedule a consultation to see if the Graco EXP2 is right for you. Also, feel free to browse the rest of our products and services.

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